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lease pull ahead

How Lease Pull-Ahead Programs Work?

Car leasing in the United States doesn’t need much introduction -- as an average family in the US has engaged in it at one point or the other. Some people often wonder -- why is car leasing so popular anyway? ...
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How to Determine Your New Car Budget

Sometimes getting a new car just seems indispensable. At this point if you’re the type that has little or no regard for budget, then you can just decide to go on a spending spree and buy according to your taste ...
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Cómo determinar su presupuesto para un carro nuevo

A veces conseguir un carro nuevo parece indispensable. En este punto, si usted es el tipo que tiene poco o ningún respeto para el presupuesto, entonces usted sólo puede decidir ir en una excursión de gasto y comprar de acuerdo ...
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¿Cómo trabaja el programa de retiro de arrendamiento?

El alquiler de automóviles en los Estados Unidos no necesita mucha introducción -- Como promedio, una familia en los US. ha participado en ella en un momento o otro. Algunas personas a menudo se preguntan -- ¿Por qué el alquiler ...
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Hyundai Hope on Wheels

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is not until September, but that is no reason to not be involved in the cause year round. Cancer is a diagnosis thousands of children in the U.S. receive each year. Children who have their whole ...
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2016 Ram 1500

Check Out the 2016 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab

Are you looking for a full-size pickup truck that delivers in fuel economy, and is as rugged and handsome as it is smooth to drive? You may have just found it in the 2016 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab. Take ...
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Hyundai Warranty

America’s Best Warranty: Enjoy Amazing Coverage with a Hyundai Warranty

Hyundai offers a lot of great features to its buyers. Affordable prices, must-have car tech, and modern safety features are just to name a few. These features have helped put Hyundai on the map as one of the best car ...
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Vehicle Safety Features

Hyundai Vehicle Safety Features 101

Learn Why Hyundai has Vehicles with the Best Safety Features Drivers these days have a lot of distractions going on while driving. You can look down at your phone for just a second and drift out of your lane. Or ...
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IRS Tax Refund

Get the Best Tax Refund Car Deals at Kendall Hyundai

Use Your Tax Refund to Buy a Car and We Will Match It! It is that time of year again, it is tax season. Many of us view getting our taxes in order as a burden. But, it will all ...
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The Great Debate: Leasing vs. Buying a Car

Making some tough decisions comes with the territory when getting a new car. Like, Should you go with the new Hyundai Santa Fe Sport or the new Hyundai Sonata? All kidding aside, no matter what new vehicle you have your ...
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